21st-Century Sales and Marketing Solutions

Metro Marketing is a contract sales and marketing firm designed to comprehensively fill the needs of product manufacturers requiring seasoned
expertise at a fractional cost of captive employee models. Metro Marketing can be contracted for single or ongoing projects improving your company's profits in the following ways:

Marketing Services - Creative, customer-centric B2B and B2C branding and product messaging campaigns for maximum conversion-to-sales over any marketing medium

Sales Consultation Services - In-depth analysis, refinement, creation of sales systems, and vendor programs, with individual and group in-house coaching

Sales Management Services - Affordable outsourcing of global or geographical portions of your company's sales management responsibilities

>  Amazon-Direct, Amazon FBA/EFN/MCI Management Services - Integrated management of orders, inventories, logistics, reporting, and full compliance requirements throughout Amazon's export sales channels

Unique benefits of working with Metro Marketing:

20+ years of
executive-level sales and marketing management experience across domestic and international channels
Affordable low fee and commission structure
U.S. and EU physical representation per calendar year covering multiple time zones
Simple, turnkey 1099 contract model
Guaranteed results

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